Camp 4

Corner foot cup


  • Lay out the TTS floating foundation timber frame guide system: connect aluminum corner foot cups to levelling rods to square the corner timbers
  • Mark the ground at the center of each foot cup with a nail (hole provided in the middle of the foot cups)
  • Remove foot cups
  • Drive a Penetrator(TM) anchor into the ground ( at all four corners marked with nails
  • Place the corner foot cups and connecting levelling rods onto the four new anchor points.  Screw Penetrator(TM) anchors up / down until all foot cup levelling rods are level
  • Timber frame structure will now be plumb and level
  • Insert timbers into corners and fix with screws.  Fasten remaining timbers and wall slats.
  • Attach roof

The Camp-4 toilet is a rustic, high durability, back country toilet system for high use campgrounds or park sites.  

  • 6x6" cedar timbers
  • 1 or 2" cedar T&G wall slats
  • Wall slats slide into dado slots in timbers
  • Floor can be natural gravel or a cedar/plastic floor can be constructed.
  • Solid waste can be contained on the natural surface of the soil for superior decomposition or collected in a low-cost fabric tote bag for easy transport and disposal.