TTS Behind the Wall systems are commonly used in France in residences and dwellings.  The system requires no basement, only an exterior or interior wall through which the above-floor conveyor is placed.   

Material is collected in one zone, then annually moved to a stabilization zone where earthworms, invertebrates, and bacteria can consume the solid waste.  Odors are managed with ventilation and a fan if there is poor solar exposure.  

A variety of aesthetic structures can be built along the side or rear wall of homes, cabins, or lodges to contain and treat the solid waste.

No water is required.  

TTS can assist with permitting on a case by case basis.  

Satisfaction guarantees can be provided.  This system has the lowest operational requirement, produces the least amount of residual waste, and lowest possible odor.  

Pricing: $4100/seat.  Structures can be simple DIY projects or small contracted additions.

Private residences