Canmore Nordic Center

Two stall BTW conveyor toilet.  Open bottom invertebrate solids treatment over top of the diverted urine septic field.

Rampart Ponds, BC Parks

BTW conveyor belt urine diversion

Below ground invertabrate mass reduction vault.

Los Glaciers National Park, Patagonia Argentina, 

BTF sweeper plate urine diversion

Oversized vault.  High use campground


BTW conveyor belt urine diversion.

Oversized 30yr invertebrate reduction vault

A diverse range of attractive structures are possible 

Croteau Lakes, BC Parks

BTW conveyor belt urine diversion

Two 1yd tote bags similar to Bedwell

Rocky MOuntain NP

Fern Lake

Collaborative development of a Wilderness toilet unit with a TTS BTW seat.  Solid waste is processed on the ground (no pit or hole).  Urine is filtered and treated by a shallow trench and pipe with natural soil. 

Calcheck, Whistler

BTW conveyor belt urine diversion

Oversized in-ground invertabrate composting vault

Mt Rainier National Park

Camp Muir

The National Park retrofitted their BMS evaporating toilet and solar dehydrating toilet system with four TTS BTW seats. Low density urine diverted solids are collected in 55 gal drums for transport by helicopter.  The drums are much lighter with the absence of urine.  Urine is collected and treated with greywater in an engineered shallow treatment field in the soils below the camp. 

Bedwell lake, BC Parks

BTW conveyor belt urine diversion.

Above ground two 1yd tote sacks for invertabrate reduction & eventual helicopter transport of residue.

Glacier Bay NP, AK

BTF door-activated urine diversion

Cedar pan abode structure

20 year native worm & nematode mass reduction vault.

Smoke Bluffs, Squamish

BTW conveyor belt urine diversion

Concrete bottom invertebrate mass reduction vault.

Taylor Meadows, BC ParkS

BTW conveyor belt urine diversion

Below ground, open bottom, invertabrate mass reduction vault

Mt Rainier National Park

Pan Point

Retrofit of a failed Phoenix Compost Toilet

Eliminated bulking agent.  Eliminated a very ugly maintenance procedure.  Greatly reduced the waste mass, volume and odor.