Urine diversion is the critical component in creating low-cost, low-hazard, low-odor waterless toilets.  When urine mixes with fecal matter, excess ammonia create odor and toxic conditions in the waste.  When urine is diverted prior to mixing with fecal matter, it can be safely treated by onsite soil.  Fecal matter that hasn't been soaked with urine can be consumed by a wide range of invertebrates (worms, nematodes, and mites) without any bulking agent.  Humans are the only mammal on the planet to pee on their poo.  Toilet Tech urine diversion systems re-establish the natural diversion of urine away from fecal matter so that urine can fertilizer local plants and soil invertebrates can consume fecal matter, naturally.  We source separate our trash and recycling.  Its equally important to separate our bodily wastes.

Urine Diversion Technology - used in all TTS products and projects

About: Toilet Tech is a subsidiary of Engineered Compost Systems based in Seattle, Washington.  We are housed in a 20,000 square foot building complete with offices and manufacturing for a suite of technology hardware companies.

Peer Reviewed Publications by Dr. Geoff Hill (copies can be provided for educational purposes)

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Behind the Wall (BTW) Urine Diversion System

-Manufactured by Ecodomeo.com in France

- Patent Protection in Canada and USA

-Award winning design

-Three conveyor lengths (short, medium, long)

-Two seat options (white fiberglass or stainless steel & wood)

-Foot pedal operated

-Stainless steel and high strength plastic parts.

Urine Treatment     (above and below ground systems possible)