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Following his PhD on the topic of human waste management, Geoff Hill founded Toilet Tech Solutions in 2013 in B.C., Canada. TTS moved to Seattle, WA in 2016. Toilet Tech now provides modern solutions throughout North and South America to an industry that has seen little innovation since the 1970s. 


We love the wilderness. Recognizing that we share this love with an ever-increasing number of people, we challenged ourselves to improve the management of human waste at North America's most extreme and high use sites. With our systems proven at these sites, widespread use in lower elevation and milder climates, including residential application, seems inevitable. This vision started with founder Geoff Hill's passion to improve waste management in  the Bugaboos (world class alpine climbing destination) where he did much of his PhD on this topic, and has spread to many of North and South America's high mountain parks including Mt. Rainier, Long's Peak, and Torres del Paine in Patagonia. Everyone needs to take care of business, but that doesn't mean it needs to be an eyesore, contaminate ground water, or smell terribly. We pride ourselves in robust and simple designs, client service, and adherence to basic (no-magic) ecological principles for waste management, waste treatment, and nutrient cycling. 

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