The Decompose Vault (DCV) is used with the Decompose Toilet system. It is an open-bottom vault made of prefab fiberglass (FRP) materials. FRP is an extremely cost-effective solution for remote locations where concrete ingredients, mixing and pouring are challenging and laborious. 


Solid waste in the DCV is consumed by native soil invertebrates and bacteria. The open bottom soil contact surface performs similarly to a conventional septic field where infiltrators or pipe places waste in contact with active and aerobic soil for treatment. An important distinction and advantage of the TTS toilet is that it is waterless, and there is virtually no effluent leaving the vault, whereas conventional septic systems discharge hundreds of liters of waste water per day to the soil.

Benefits: Pre-fab; lightweight; durable, 50+ year life; comes in 2-4' deep sections

Drawbacks: None; some field assembly required

Site Suitability: Forests, campgrounds, sub-alpine, remote parking lots, some front country sites

Compatible Seats: BTW Conveyor Toilet

Compatible Structures: Wishbone, Wilderness Wishbone, Pan Abode, Custom        

Specifications Sheets: DCV Specifications


Our toilets do an amazing job of minimizing the volume of waste that is collected, but that waste does not disappear and must be stored safely until it can be removed. This is where the Toilet Tech vaults play their part. There are two types of vaults - one for each type of toilet system. The Decompose Vault (DCV) is designed for the the Decompose toilet system, and the Waste Away Vault/Enclosure is designed for the Waste Away toilet system. 


The Waste Away vault is an above ground or below ground collection area for solid waste. It can be integrated with the Grand Poobah, Wishbone, and custom toilet structuresThe easily accessible and fully enclosed storage space contains the bags / bins under the BTW conveyor drop point for hassle-free collection and removal for offsite disposal.

Benefits: Safe waste removal; up to 80% less waste mass than traditional mixed barrel fly-out

Drawbacks: May need a concrete slab & retaining wall; decomposition does not occur

Site Suitability: Remote back-country; high alpine; hot desert

Compatible Seats: BTW         

Compatible Structures: Wishbone, Wilderness Wishbone, Custom 

Specifications Sheet: Waste Away Specifications - Single Stall