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Planning Services

Each park, forest, and protected area has a unique climate, range of extreme weather, visitor profile, intensity of use, and budget.  With Directors Orders banning pit toilets but a limited set of functional toilet solutions available, it can be difficult to envision a transition from old to new. 

Toilet Tech can assess your waterless waste management needs, toilet use, optimal waste handling and disposal strategy, navigate compliance and permitting, and develop a low cost, low hazard, effective waste solution. Clients include National Parks, State Parks, and private business.


While park, forest, and alpine use is increasing throughout North America, few managers know how many people use the bathroom.  TTS helps you develop a toilet use assessment program or helps you estimate the number of toilet uses from existing data such as user permits or log books.  It is valuable to have an accurate assessment of toilet use so that a cost effective program can be implemented.

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While your current toilets may receive very little attention, even if they are old polluting pit toilets, we have found that the development of new toilet facilities generates a lot of interest and scrutiny.  Likely, this is because so many toilet systems have failed in the past.  To ensure project success, including permitting, neighbor stakeholders, management, and park user groups, we work closely with architects, permitting departments, and engineers to develop a complete product and package solution.

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TTS toilets have been integrated into front country parks with playgrounds serving multiple user groups.  Coordination and communication are paramount when multiple agencies are involved in site selection, soil analysis, construction estimates, site preparation, excavation, construction, and unit installation.  We are there every step of the way to assist the project's smooth development and long-term function. 

We provide lifetime support for all our toilet projects.  This means that we'll be there to answer your phone calls or emails when you're looking for spare parts, advice on signage, or waste decomposition.  We love travelling and if we are in the area we'll probably want to stop by and check up on the toilets ourselves.


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Pilot Projects

Pilot facilities are a great way to showcase the benefits of urine diversion with little capital investment.  A variety of pilot facilities have been developed by TTS and our partners including an exposed and portable toilet for Long's Peak Rocky Mountain NP (below) which is testing the effect of spin-drift on the mechanical workings of the conveyor belt and an exposed but permanently installed toilet for Glacier NP wilderness with an automated seat closer (right).


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