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American Prairie Reserve | Bozeman, MT

  • The American Prairie built free standing yurts to promote visitation and they needed a reliable year round toilet system.  Water needs to be carried to these sites, so a waterless toilet solution was required.  The BTW conveyor was installed inside the yurt and the conveyor ran to a "dog house" styled Decompose box outside the yurt.  A toilet lid was also added.

  • Location

    American Praire Reserve

    Bozeman, Montana

    Toilet Type Decompose
    Building Type

    Custom Yurt

    Vault Type Custom (on ground)
    Seat Type BTW
    Usage Rate Description 10 Yurt occupents per night
    Solid Wate Retention Decades
    Temps / Elevation -30F to 100F / 0 ft
    Start-Up Year 2017
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