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Campo Italiano | Torres del Paine National Park, Chile


    The toilets at Torres Del Paine were heavily used to the point that they were overflowing and campgrounds had to be closed.  TTS offered a solution that could be retrofit rapidly into existing buildings and provided an alternative waste plan that could prolong the life of the builidngs.  Waste was diverted to a shallow earthen vault where it began to decompose rapidly.  The campground has re-opened with functioning toilets. 


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  • Location

    Campo Italiano – Torres Del Paine National Park Chile, South America

    Toilet Type Decompose
    Building Type Retrofit

    Vault Type

    Custom (on ground)

    Seat Type

    Usage Rate / Description > 100/day  Year round

    Solid Waste Retention

    5-10 years in an above ground "enclosed" vault

    Temps / Elevation

    14F to 68F / 3,280 ft
    Start Up Year 2017/2018
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