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Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park, AB

  • "The ski warming hut and toilets are only open in the winter season and receive regular use for approximately 6 months per year. In the 4 years the facility has been in use it has worked as expected. The annual maintenance has been around 2 hours per year and installation was straightforward and easily done in 4 hours including the waste plumbing. I would highly recommend the product for use in remote locations."

    John Gallagher, Canmore Nordic Center

  • Location

    Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park, Alberta

    Toilet Type Decompose
    Building Type Custom

    Vault Type

    Custom (wood)

    Seat Type

    Usage Rate / Description Hundreds of users on busy winter weekends

    Solid Waste Retention


    Temps / Elevation

    6F to 73F / 4600 ft
    Start Up Year 2016



    For more information on the Nordic Center visit:

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