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Chasm Meadow | Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

  • Chasm Meadow is a lovely spot up towards Chasm Lake from the Chasm Junction intersection on the Longs Peak climb.  Joe Arnold had designed and constructed solar evaporating toilets in the previous decades and these were totally overwhelmed by increasing usage.  This (and the other Longs toilets) designed were based around the urine diverting BTW seat, and custom designed by CU Denver students to blend in with the Wilderness surroundings using gabian basket construction.  Waste is collected in small Mini Waste Away bags in a rear steel compartment.  Waste is periodically removed by pack llamas.  




  • Location

    Chasm Meadow -Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

    Toilet Type Waste Away
    Building Type Custom (gabien)

    Vault Type

    Waste Away (metal)

    Seat Type

    Usage Rate / Description Seasonally >100/day

    Solid Waste Retention

    Weeks - months between small Llama bag change out

    Temps / Elevation

    0F to 90F / 10,000 ft
    Start Up Year 2018
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