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Smith Rock State Park in Central Oregon draws upwards of an ever increasing 300,000 visitors per year, looking to hike, run, rock climb, mountain bike, take photos, and enjoy time outdoors with loved ones. In 2015, the park installed its TTS decomposition system as a retrofit for a failing Phoenix “composting” toilet. This site has become an interesting case study, as ever since this retrofit, a Phoenix and a TTS system have been housed right next to each other in a two-stall toilet building at the base of the park entrance. In those years, 30,000-40,000 pounds of bulked up human waste have been manually removed from the bottom of the failing Phoenix system, while the TTS decomposition and urine drain field have produced ZERO pounds of waste for disposal. After seeing TTS prove its worth in this case study, the park is now looking to retrofit its remaining Phoenix systems to TTS systems. The Smith Rock park rangers are happy to provide references for their experience with the TTS systems and how we are changing their waste management for the better. 

Smith Rock State Park, OR

  • Location

    Smith Rock State Park, Oregon

    Toilet Type Decompose
    Building Type  Retrofit (Failing Phoenix)

    Vault Type

    Custom (wood on ground)

    Seat Type

    Usage Rate / Description 100-500/day

    Solid Waste Retention

    10-20 years

    Temps / Elevation

    24F to 81F / 3,600 ft
    Start Up Year 2015
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