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Smoke Bluffs Park | Squamish, BC

  • Previously, this site had a smelly portable toilet with wood skirting around it that was pumped out every week for most of the year.  The District spent $2,000 per year for the rental of the toilet and servicing.  The new TTS toilet, sponsored by Mountain Equipment Co-op, District of Squamish, and Climate Action Network, improved park facilities and reduced O&M costs by 50%.  The BTW toilet and new building has been installed for 2 years without any issues – indicating the level of respect -and has been recieved well in the community.  The old portalets had issues with venting and were very odorous, but there have been no odor complaints about the TTS facility.  The success of this facility has generated interest in implementing more facilities in Squamish parks. 



  • Location

    Smoke Bluffs Park –

    Squamish, British Columbia

    Toilet Type Decompose
    Building Type  Custom (MEC Sponsor)

    Vault Type


    Seat Type

    Usage Rate / Description High (50-100+ uses/day; 20,000+ uses/year)

    Solid Waste Retention

    10 years

    Temps / Elevation

    24F to 74F / 30 ft
    Start Up Year 2014
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