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Urine-Diverting Conveyor Toilet


Waste Away

The BTW conveyor toilet is the key device that improves the performance of Toilet Tech's waste management systems over their mixed-waste counterparts. The BTW toilet diverts more than 99% of urine away from solid waste. Urine is plumbed to onsite treatment and solid waste is conveyed up a foot-powered belt, then drops into an earthen-bottom vault (the Decompose) or into a container or bag (the Waste Away). 


  • >99% urine diversion

  • Waterless

  • No bulking agent required

  • User-friendly

  • Commercial strength

  • Reduces unpleasant sights & odors

  • Suitable for all environments

Product Sheet: BTW Urine Diverting Toilet


Urine is largely sterile when leaving the body, has high levels of plant nutrients, almost no heavy metals, and self sanitizes when stored for 2-3 weeks. 70-90% of human waste volume and mass is urine. Fecal matter contains pathogens, metals, has few plant nutrients, and when saturated with urine can produce ammonia which prevents all bacterial and invertebrate life from decomposing the pile. This is why mixed waste management systems like pit toilets are inefficient and environmentally harmful.

BTW systems divert urine away from solid waste at the source so that urine can be treated and disposed of immediately by a conventional gravity-fed septic field, leaving the solid waste primarily comprised of dry low-density toilet paper and feces. This high cellulose material can be ingested by bugs (worms, nematodes, slugs, and other insects). Passing through the gut of the bug, the majority of pathogens are destroyed and the waste is highly stabilized, odor is eliminated, and volume is diminished. TTS' Director, Dr. Hill, completed his PhD work on this topic, references here.

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