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Mt. Lowe - Angeles National Forest, CA

"I went camping with a Scouts BSA leaders training group in the Angeles National Forest last weekend. We camped at Mt. Lowe trail camp and I was totally impressed with the Toilettech backcountry toilet installed there. The campground was fairly crowded with several groups and nobody objected to camping near the toilet because it didn't smell at all.

I've never seen such an incredible solution to the problem of backcountry human waste. It was very welcoming to new backpackers and our younger scouts by not being unpleasant, smelly, filled with flies, or as disconcerting as defecating over a giant pit. It was instead clean, easy to use, functional, had a familiar "flush" mechanism with the foot pedal, and made a heavily used campground pleasant! I have never written a fan letter to a company that made toilets before. I guess there is a first time for everything. Thanks for inventing and distributing this engineering marvel."

Caitlin Reed
Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 15 Culver City

Canmore Nordic Centre - Provincial Park, AB

"We installed a pair of TTS toilets in an outhouse located at a warming hut on the Canmore Nordic Centre cross country ski trails. The hut and toilets are only open in the winter season. The toilets receive regular use for 6 months per year.

In the 4 years the facility has been in use it has worked as expected. Some instruction for the users is necessary to ensure the “flush” lever is pushed sufficiently to clear solid waste.

The annual maintenance has been around 2 hours per year, primarily cleaning and one adjustment of the belt.

Installation was straightforward and easily done in 4 hours including the waste plumbing.

I would highly recommend the product for use in remote locations."

John Gallagher

Owner / Manager

Trail Sports Inc

Canmore, AB

Glacier Bay National Park, AK

"What is vital to us is meeting NPS Director's Orders banning pit toilet usage, no associated smells within the facility, and lessening volume/easy of transport of solids that need to be disposed of.  This unit is a viable method for our back-country issues."

Mark Ortega

Glacier Bay National Park, AK


Joffre Lakes Provincial Park, BC

"The Single Seater at Joffre Lakes has been performing very well.  About 0.6 m^3 of waste after a very busy summer of 70,000 visitors."

Christopher McCrumb

CMCC Contracting, BC Parks

Smoke Bluffs Park - Squamish, BC

"The TTS Toilet in the Smoke Bluffs opened in early 2015.  There are significant cost savings with the TTS unit compared to our previous portable toilet contract.  Our costs are below $1000 CDN per year with no odor complaints or vandalism."

Matt Simmons

District of Squamish Capital Projects Manager, BC

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