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TTS supports its projects for the lifetime of the facility. Our toilet seats are robust and easily maintained, but they do need service. Luckily, the maintenance is infrequent, and key wear parts can be easily stocked onsite for replacement. We provide expert advice, spare parts in a timely fashion, and maintenance support.  


For service and repair needs please contact with your support inquiry. Include a description of the issue, what you have tried, photos/videos, and contact information. On rare occasions where remote support doesn’t solve the problem, we can plan a trip to your site.

Spare Parts

TTS has a warehouse of spare parts at our headquarters in Seattle, WA, USA. Staff are available to help you fix any problems.

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  • BTW Urine-Diverting Conveyor Toilet: 1-year limited warranty

  • Poobah, Grand Poobah, Wishbone, Wilderness, and Pan Abode Buildings: 10-year limited warranty

  • Workmanship and/or Manufacturing Defects on Toilet Buildings:  5-year limited warranty

  • Decompose Vaults:  5-year limited warranty

  • Drainfield Parts: 1-Year limited warranty

Full warranty details are available upon request.

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