We offer three prefab buildings: the Poobah (made in USA), the Wishbone (made in Canada) and the Pan Abode (made in USA). Custom or site-built options exist, but these tend to be more expensive to build and maintain than our pre-fab and warrantied products.


The Poobah is Toilet Tech's strongest prefab building. We designed the heavy-duty structure to withstand the rubbing of buffalo at Antelope Island State Park, Utah. This building package is suitable for both solid waste systems (Decompose and Waste Away) and comes in two sizes (Standard and ADA). This building can withstand a high snow load.


  • Heavy-duty

  • Prefab

  • 4-season use, high snow load

  • Not as light or easy to assemble as Wishbone John

  • Suitable for winter-use sites, high snow load, trailheads, back-country

Product Sheet: Poobah & Grand Poobah



We are all about reusing waste as much as we are about minimizing it. Our Wishbone prefab building frames are made from extruded aluminum and use recycled plastic or cedar wall boards. These buildings are available for both solid waste systems  (Decompose, and Waste Away) and come in two sizes (Standard and ADA). We offer single stalls or joined blocks (wall-sharing) connecting up to 5 stalls. This building can withstand a low snow load.


  • Long-lasting (40+ years)

  • Prefab

  • Lightweight

  • Assembles in a few hours with basic hand tools

  • Will not rot, corrode, fade; multiple color options

  • Not suitable for high snow load

  • Suitable for city parks, parking lots, trailheads, backcountry

Product Sheets:

 Wishbone Vault Toilet Specifications Single Stall PDF

 Wishbone Decompose Specifications Single Stall PDF

 Wishbone Waste Away Specifications Single Stall PDF


The Wilderness series offers two low-profile, backcountry toilet building options: partial walls (for some privacy) or no walls. These structures can accommodate either a Decompose or Waste Away system.


  • Wilderness Act compliant

  • Prefab

  • Lightweight

  • Long-lasting materials; durable

  • No privacy

  • Suitable for remote backcountry 



Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska helped design this robust cedar Pan Abode toilet building. It can withstand a very high snow load and is perfect for grizzly country.   


  • Pre-fabricated cedar construction

  • Heavy; wood buildings eventually decompose

  • Suitable for parking lots; trailheads; campgrounds

Glacier Bay AK BTF 2014.jpg


Sometimes a site warrants a custom design or retrofit. Many of our early installations were custom designs that housed the BTW urine-diverting toilet. Chris McCrumb built many of these toilets in the remote B.C. back country that he loved and served for many years.  


  • Site-specific custom design

  • Higher cost

  • Suitable for trailheads; campgrounds; backcountry



Skip to minute 4:03 of the video to hear what Samantha Gamling, owner and designer of a tiny home, has to say about her Behind the Wall urine-diversion seat.