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Angels Landing | Zion National Park, UT

  • The Angels Landing hike is one of Zion National Park's most popular hikes. It receives over 1,000 visitors on busy spring and fall days.  A pair of failing waterless evaporation toilets were due for replacement. These toilets needed their sludgy waste pumped out each year and the waste was flown by helicopter down to the parking lot for transport and disposal.

    Toilet Tech developed and installed a 4 seater pre-fabricated structure that blended in with the rock and landscape which diverted source separated urine for onsite treatment by native soils. The solid waste is collected for drying in large 1 cubic yard stiff walled Waste Away bags. It is estimated that this system will decrease helicopter trips by 75% and the foul job of pumping sludge at this beautiful location entirely.

    The first year inspection revealed that only 4 bags of waste accumulated over a 9 month period with site visitation estimated at 1,000,000 visitors. Each bag could be lifted by two people. 

  • Location             Angels Landing – Zion National Park, Utah
    Toilet Type          Waste Away
    Building Type Wishbone

    Vault Type

    Waste Away

    Seat Type

    BTW (4)
    Usage Rate / Description 500 - 1000 users per day
    Solid Waste Retention 4 bags produced over 1 year period
    Temps / Elevation 40F to100F / 5,500 ft
    Start-Up Year 2018


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