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A high elevation high use 4 season mountain hut with 3x BTW toilets.  Waste Away system with fish tote dry waste collection. 


Kees and Clair Hut | Whistler, BC

  • Kees and Clair Hut opened Sept 2019 after many years of planning and fundraising.  They selected BTW urine diverting conveyors to make the process of managing waste easier, eliminate the sloppy slosh or urine filled barrels, and reduce their fly out frequency.  With the right ventilation, the BTW seat is way less smelly than a straight drop into a sloshy barrel, common to other mountain hut toilets.  

    They chose to collect urine diverted solid waste in fish totes because they have a vacuum truck able to meet the helicopter at the Whistler parking lot who can bring water to fluidize the dry waste and suck it into their tank for disposal at the local Waste Water Treatment Plant. 

    The tour from Whistler to Blackcomb on the Spearhead traverse may be one of the best high alpine ski tours in the country.  

    Their website can be found here.


  • Location

    Spearhead Hut, Whistller – BC

    Toilet Type Waste Away
    Building Type  Custom Lodge

    Vault Type

    Fish Totes

    Seat Type

    Usage Rate / Description

    Year around use.

    Solid Waste Retention

    100-300 uses per day.

    Temps / Elevation

    Start Up Year 2019
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