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Talus Lodge, Back County Ski Lodge | BC Parks, BC

  • Talus is a high elevation private back country ski and hiking lodge in the Selkirks of BC.  The lodge is run by two Canadian olympic atheletes Thomas Grandi and Sara Renner.  The website is:  They were looking for a solution to reduce the waste volume they had to fly out from their lodge and eliminate the messy nature of handling 200L full waste barrels.  They chose two BTW seats and opted for the Decompose system.  They are also trying to Decompose the food waste from their kitchen with the human waste.  Stay tuned for results.

  • Location

    East Kootenay – British Columbia

    Toilet Type Decompose
    Building Type  Custom Hut

    Vault Type

    Custom above ground

    Seat Type

    BTW (2)
    Usage Rate / Description 10-20 overnight guests per day

    Solid Waste Retention

    5-10 years TBD

    Temps / Elevation

    Start Up Year 2019
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