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The Valhalla's are one of BC best kept secrets.  

Valhalla Provincial Park | BC Parks, BC

  • Valhalla Park in BC is a magial place; remote and deep in the Eastern Kootenay it is seldom visited.  It boasts jagged peaks with world class alpine climbing, huge lakes, fishing, cabins, and grizzly bears.  They chose the BTW seat and have built their own toilet buildings for both Decompose and Waste Away.  


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  • Location

    Valahlla Provincial Park – British Columbia

    Toilet Type Decompose & Waste Away
    Building Type  Custom

    Vault Type


    Seat Type

    BTW (multiple sites)
    Usage Rate / Description 10-100 per day

    Solid Waste Retention

    Varies by type

    Temps / Elevation

    1000-2000 m
    Start Up Year 2018
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