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Yankee Boy is a high elevation alpine site behind Ouray, CO.  Toilet Tech was hired to retrofit the BTW seat into a failed BMS composting toilet.  We ripped out the white tank, and cribbed up a 2' high stub wall to contain and decompose the urine diverted solid waste.  These are very cool sites, great for hiking up 14,000' peaks.  

Yankee Boy | Grand Mesa National Forest, CO

  • Location

    Yankee Boy – Grand Mesa National Forest,


    Toilet Type Decompose
    Building Type  Retrofit (failing Phoenix)

    Vault Type

    Custom (wood on ground)

    Seat Type

    Usage Rate / Description Seasonally > 100/day

    Solid Waste Retention


    Temps / Elevation

    0F to 100F /  8,000 ft
    Start Up Year 2017
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