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Urine Diversion Toilet Seats 

Urine diversion is the critical component in creating low-cost, low-hazard, low-odor waterless toilets. When urine mixes with fecal matter, excess ammonia creates odor and toxic conditions in the waste. When urine is diverted prior to mixing with fecal matter, it can be safely treated by onsite soil.  Fecal matter that hasn't been soaked with urine can be consumed by a wide range of invertebrates (worms, nematodes, and mites) without any bulking agent.  Humans are the only mammal on the planet to pee on their poo.  TTS's rugged urine diversion systems re-establish the natural diversion of urine away from fecal matter so that urine can fertilize local plants and soil invertebrates can consume fecal matter, naturally.  


We source separate our trash, recycling and food waste in big cities for separate processing and recycling.  In the wilderness, its equally important to separate our bodily wastes so the natural ecosystem can process (and recycle) these material streams separately without negative impacts.

The BTW Urine Diversion Seat

TTS has the exclusive rights to the Ecodomeo conveyor in North America (and some South American countries).  The Ecodomeo conveyor is patent protected in Canada (2,826,499) and the USA (14/025,668).  TTS has branded the Ecodomeo seat the Behind the Wall (BTW) urine diverting conveyor.  This system won a Janu Design Award in Europe in 2013. One of its greatest attributes, after 99% source separation of urine, is that is conveys solid waste through the rear wall of the toilet for further processing.  This lateral movement of the waste gives the toilet enormous flexibility and toilet users are spared the view of 10,000 previous deposits; instead they see a black conveyor belt, which is automatically cleaned by a dual set of scrapers on the under side of the belt.  

This BTW unit can be sold with the Wishbone John toilet for a complete package solution, integrated into a custom or volunteer built toilet, retrofit into a failing composting toilet, or built into a tiny home.

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Behind The Wall Pictures

The TTS BTW Seat applied in National Parks, State Parks, and forests:

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