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Geoff Hill, PhD, Director

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Following his PhD on the topic of human waste management, Geoff Hill founded Toilet Tech Solutions in 2013. Toilet Tech provides a 'blue ocean' opportunity to merge sustainability, technology and entrepreneurship in a field that had seen little innovation since the 1970's.


In 2017, TTS merged with Engineered Compost Systems, which shares a similar organic waste management mission. Toilet Tech is focused on the provision of low-tech high-performance toilets for remote sites lacking sewer, water, and electricity.  Toilet Tech systems now sit as high as 10,000' on Mt. Rainier's  Camp Muir, as far north as Glacier Bay, Alaska and as far south as Lago Capri Patagonia, Argentina.  


Geoff Hill, Toilet Tech founder and  ECS' Director of Technical Services, and Tim O'Neill, ECS' founder and President, both avid climbers and back country skiers, were entirely dissatisfied with the lack of technology and effective solutions at the remote, rugged, and beautiful places they like to visit, and the decision to team up with ECS to further provide quality solutions was a natural next step in TTS' mission to improve organic waste management.

Sustainable Summits
Golden, Colorado




Geoff Hill, director of technical services, PhD decentralized human waste management, Environmental Science, Geography and Botany, University of British Columbia Alum, engineered compost systems, ECS, develop and deliver technical services, pathogens and compost inhibitions

Geoff Hill, PhD


B.Sc. Environmental Science

M.S. Geography & Botany

PhD Human Waste Management

Geoff directs Toilet Tech.  He completed his PhD on this topic in 2013 and wrote a series of peer review publications summarizing his findings.  He has worked with dozens of parks and forests in the development of improved toilet facilities.   

Geoff also directs technical services with Engineered Compost Systems, through whom Toilet Tech does business as.  Geoff worked as GM of a large compost site and converted diesel cars to burn cooking oil in his past.

mechanical engineer, president of engineered compost systems, founder of engineered compost systems, ECS, consultant, recognized compost expert, expert in compost regulatory compliance, expert in compost odor control, university of Washington alum, UW, pioneer in compost industry, leading figure in compost industry, decades of experience in building compost facilities, compost entrepreneur

Tim O'Neill


B.S., M.S. Mechanical Engineering University of Washington

Tim is president and founder of Engineered Compost Systems (mother company to TTS).  He has worked as an entrepreneur providing technology and consulting to the compost industry since 1993.  He enjoys the broad range of challenges and never-ending opportunities to learn that industry provides. He is a recognized expert in compost aeration and control, regulatory compliance, process control and monitoring technology, odor control, feedstock preparation and material handling.

Steve Diddy, director of business development, master composter, graduate of Washington State University Master Composter program, communications, philosophy, Evergreen College Alum, decades of experience in composting industry, US Composting Conference, Biocycle Conference, BFI Organics, sales, customer service, contact ECS, engineered compost systems

Ross Mazur

Staff Engineer 

MSc Mechanical Engineering and

MSc Biorenewable Resources & Technology

SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Engineer in Training (EIT) Certification, 2015

Ross joined the TTS/ECS team in June of 2017. He contributes to technology development, system design, modeling, documentation, customer service, and product support. 

Jalair Box, marketing coordinator, Fairhaven College, Western Washington University, engineered compost systems, ECS, news, updates, tradeshows, conferences, compost, build an industrial compost facility, best design for a compost facility

Andrea Harrell

Marketing & Administration

B.A. Fashion Merchandising, Emphasis on Textiles

Seattle Pacific University

Heather Hill, senior accountant, accounting, Grays Harbor College Alum, engineered compost systems, ECS, industrial composting, waste industry

Heather Hill

Senior Accountant

A.A.S. Accounting

Grays Harbor College


Anna Elz

Sales & Marketing Manager

MSc Zoology, UBC 

BSc Marine Biology, LIU


Anna joined the TTS team in October of 2018.  She is developing new and existing sales opportunities, providing customer support, and creating marketing strategies for this unique technology and eco-friendly products.

Sue Bowden, controller, accountant, University of Alaska Anchorage alum, financial management, engineered compost systems, ECS, build a compost facility

Sue Bowden


B.A. Accounting

University of Alaska Anchorage

Sue is responsible for accounting, financial management, and Shared Resource teams for TTS, ECS and its sister companies.

Martin Dinsmore, IT, facilities manager, digital forensics and network security, Edmonds Community College Alum, engineered compost systems, ECS, manufacturing, build a compost facility

Martin Dinsmore

IT / Facilities Manager

A.T.A. Digital Forensics/Network Security

Edmonds Community College


Martin maintains the IT and facilities infrastructure and performs web site security and content updates.  He also performs safety inspections and monitors workplace safety hazards.  Martin assists as needed in manufacturing. 



TTS is one of the only 'scientific principles' centered toilet firms in the industry.  This has garnered us some media coverage including the following stories:

Billings Gazette: The trouble with backcountry toilets

More people are taking dumps, hiking up disposal costs 

Outside Magazine Podcast: an amazing crappy story 

Castlegar News talks about the implementation of separation toilets in BC parks and the benefit over other composting toilet systems:

Selkirk College ecology: A greener throne

News article on TTS from TreeHugger:

You (and your poop) will be transported by this French composting toilet Treehugger

Patagonia Cleanest Line Blog on Los Glaciers Toilet Project:

The 2015-16 Patagonia Season 'Patagonia d'Or' Patagonia

Trip to Patagonia to install a toilet with the PanAm Access Club:

Patagonia Waste Management Project and

Off to a Great Start- the Patagonia Waste Management Project Access PanAm

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