Following his PhD on the topic of human waste management, Geoff Hill founded Toilet Tech Solutions in 2013 in B.C. Canada. TTS merged with Engineered Compost Systems (Seattle, WA) in 2016. Toilet Tech now provides modern solutions throughout North and South America to an industry that has seen little innovation since the 1970's. 


Working with Toilet Tech

Each park, forest, and protected area has a unique climate, weather, visitor profile, use, and budget. With Director's Orders banning pit toilets, it can be difficult to envision a transition from old to new. Here are the next steps in the implementation of a highly effective toilet solution with us.

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Tell us about your park, forest, or Wilderness area. We'll ask a lot of questions about the ecology, remoteness, soil and site usage to help you choose between a Vault, Decompose, or Waste Away.

Budget Pricing

 We are happy to provide budget price estimates after we have gathered enough information by email, phone calls, or webinar.  Included in our budget estimate / proposal are key elements that specify our products and what differentiates them from others, and what our warranty includes. 


When selected, we offer complete service including shipping, installation, training, support, warranty, and waste management services. We do not offer transportation services from parking lots to remote locations; this must be arranged by the project owner. 

Support and Warranty

TTS supports its projects for the lifetime of the facility. Our toilet seats are robust and easily maintained, but they do need service. Luckily, the maintenance is infrequent, and key wear parts can be easily stocked onsite for replacement. We provide expert advise, spare parts in a timely fashion, and maintenance support M-F 9a-5p.  


For non urgent needs please contact Ross Mazur at 206-456-9077 or ross@toilettech.com with your support needs. Please include a description of your issue, what you have tried, photos, and contact info. We will respond by the next business day. On rare occasions where remote support doesn't solve the problem, we can plan a trip to your site.

Spare Parts

TTS manufactures and assembles all units in Seattle, WA, USA. We have a warehouse of spare parts and staff available to help you fix the problem.



Geoff Hill, PhD


B.S. Environmental Science,  UBC

M.S. Geography & Botany, UBC

PhD Human Waste Management, UBC 

Geoff directs Toilet Tech. He completed his PhD on this topic in 2013 and wrote a series of peer review publications summarizing his findings.  He has worked with dozens of parks and forests in the development of improved toilet facilities.   



Scientific principles drive our toilet products. This has garnered us some media coverage, including the following stories:

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