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Product Selection 

Give people a place to go with our mixed waste or urine diverting toilets and building kits.  Waste management in the front and backcountry, has never been easier.

Urine Diversion Seat

TTS' urine diverting Behind the Wall (BTW) toilet conveyor is our signature product that makes separating #1 and #2 possible.  The lone riser does the job for a mixed waste system.  


Below Ground 

Each toilet system has a below ground storage component that integrates with the building. We offer prefabricted enclosures for Mixed Waste and Decompose systems.  Waste Away systems require a DIY concrete platform.

Vault Above 0.25.jpg

Complete Toilet Kits

Prefab, easy to install buildings for Mixed Waste, and BTW Decompose and Waste Away toilet systems.  With many size and color options, you'll get the look and function that's just right for your site.



Everything you need to get the bathroom user ready except the TP.  You'll have to fill that yourself.  Add ons include aluminum floors, urinals, toilet seats lids, odor control,  spare parts, and other amenities.  

Corner Urinal in Pit Toilet.jpeg
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