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Pre-Fab and Custom Building Systems

Wishbone Pre-fab

Wishbone John

TTS is licensed to sell the Wishbone John in the Western USA and Canada.  The 'John' comes in two stall sizes (regular and ADA compliant) and in single, double, triple, and quad stall configurations.

The Wishbone John is made from recycled aluminum framing, powdercoated, and can be equipped with recycled T&G wall boards or locally sourced cedar or fir. 

The system is pre-fabricated, flat pallet packed, and can erect on a flat foundation in 1-2 hours with 1-2 people.  

TTS has developed pre-fab concrete vault foundations and solid waste treatment systems, or these can be site built of pressure treated wood, concrete, or other innovative solutions

TTS Baker Lake WA interior 1
TTS Wishbone Baker Lake WA Exterior 2
Wishbone drawing
Wishbone TTS Frame
Pit Toilet Cross Section View PTR-6-EXT
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Private Residences / Tiny House

The BTW seat is marketed in France and Europe primarily to the residential home owner; it has been used in residential homes for over a decade. As our installations at public high use sites at high elevation show, this system is very robust and low maintenance.  This is the only viable waterless toilet system for full time occupancy if you want a low maintenance system.  

We provide installation manuals, service manuals, and spare parts for your renovation or new build. 

Private Residence


Conventional Composting Toilet Retrofits: Fix Your Failing Asset


Retrofits of composting toilets are a cost effective way to improve the waste management system in your park or forest.  Retrofits have been conducted on Phoenix and BMS toilets.  Clivus retrofits are also feasible.  

After the retrofit your O&M costs are likely to be 10-20% of what they were prior and occupational exposure similarly reduced. 

Retrofits start around $5,500 which includes the cost of the BTW urine diversion seat.

MT Rainier Pan Point Retrofit
Grand Mesa Corkscrew Retrofit
Grand Mesa CO Retrofit
TTS Cultus Lake Retrofit O&M access on right
Cultus Lake Oregon Retrofit
Smith Rock State Park

Custom Building Kits

Some sites warrant a custom building.  A great example of this is the Long's Peak toilet redevelopment in Rocky Mountain National Park.  At Long's Peak, there were a large number of stakeholders and a wide range of values and decisions that had to be made.  TTS provided key input on the function, sizing, and design basis, and a custom design was developed by a team of students and professors from the University of Boulder to meet all site, regulatory, aesthetic, and weather requirements.

We are happy to play a key role in technology provision and technical assistance in facility and building development.

TTS Smoke Bluffs Squamish BC
Glacier Bay Alaska 2014
BC Parks Bedwell Lake
Taylor Meadows, Garibaldi BC Parks, 2015
Canmore Nordic Center Toilet With Warming Shelter
TTS Bedwell Strathcona BC
TTS Joffre Lakes BC 3
TTS Garibaldi Lake 2017
Los Glaciers National Park
TTS Joffre Lakes BC 4
TTS Joffre Lakes BC 2
Cayton CO BTW 2015_edited
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