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Toilet Tech Products

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Behind the Wall (BTW) Urine-Diverting Conveyor Toilet

The environmentally-compliant BTW conveyor is the superior choice for waste management in the North American backcountry. The BTW separates liquid and solid waste at the source, reducing odor, maintenance load, and operator exposure to hazardous waste. It has been proven at hundreds of locations, from rocky alpine terrain to barren desert.

  • Self-sustaining & hassle-free

  • Reliable & low-maintenance materials (stainless steel)

  • >99% diversion of liquid waste

  • Significant odor reduction

  • No bulking agent required

  • Gains compliance over pit toilets

  • Visit the Product Page for more info!

Decompose Vault

The burly, lightweight, prefabricated fiberglass Decompose Vault (DCV) replaces a concrete foundation at backcountry and frontcountry toilet sites. It forms a solid waste collection and treatments area designed t ointegrate with the Toilet Tech BTW urine-diverting conveyor toilet.

  • Cost-effective

  • Prefabricated and lightweight

  • Easy transportation and install

  • No concrete needed

  • Stainless Steel hardware

  • Minimal excavation required

  • Available in 2' and 4' depths

  • Visit the Product Page for more info!

Poobah & Grand Poobah

The Poobah (standard size) and Grand Poobah (ADA size) are Toilet Tech's flagship toilet structures designed for backcountry and remote frontcountry sites. The structures are prefabricated, require little to no maintenance, and flat pack on a pallet. The fiberglass materials are lightweight, non-corrosive, and incredibly durable.

  • Made in the USA

  • Fully prefabricated and sectional

  • Assembles in one day with two people

  • Heavy duty, 4-season use

  • Withstands high snow and wind loads

  • Superior to concrete (cost, ease of construction, required maintenance)

  • Visit the Product Page for more info!

Urine Drainfields

Toilet Tech offers three approved urine drainfield packages, ranked by environmental impact. Each drainfield package is designed with a 10' distribution area which can accommodate more than 5 gallons of urine daily (approximately 100 users). 

  • Environmentally compliant

  • Low maintenance

  • Eliminates odors and operational challenges

  • All three drainfield packages approved by county/state agencies

  • EPA approved installation (Bronze) at Two Sentinels Girl Scouts Camp

  • View our Product Datasheet for more info!

For Pricing and Availability, click HERE.

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