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Mark Ortega: Glacier Bay NP, AK

"what I do see and is vital to us is meeting NPS Director's Orders banning pit toilet usage, no associated smells within facilities, and lessening volume/easy of transport of solids that need to be disposed of.  This unit is viable method for our back-country issues.

Toilet Tech presents a low-cost and low-hazard solution for the management of waterless human waste at public and private sites.  Toilet Tech's urine diverting invertebrate decomposition toilets are superior to: expensive barrel fly out toilets, hazardous and ineffective conventional composting toilets, and water polluting pit toilets.  100% of urine is diverted and treated onsite by native or engineered soil.  Fecal matter and toilet paper are consumed by invertebrates leaving very little residue.  No bulking agent is required.  Highly stabilized waste extraction is very infrequent.  Odor is very low.

Toilet Tech can help address your waterless waste management needs and issues and develop a low cost, low hazard, effective waste solution. Clients include National Parks, State Parks, and private business 

Toilet Tech monitors Key Performance Indicators and is always a phone call away for follow up service.  We see a sale as the beginning of a long strong relationship.


Value Proposition


Geoff also works as a consultant for large composting and anaerobic digesters in North America. His clients include: Engineered Compost Systems (WA), Harvest Power (MA), King County (WA), Salish Soils (BC), HDR Inc., Net Zero Waste (BC).



Toilet Tech works closely with you or the chosen construction parter on the urine-diverting / invertebrate composting system. We can also mobilize to do delivery, installations, service calls, and inspections.

We work with architects, permitting departments, and engineers to develop a complete product and package solution. We have kit structures that are assemble by number and custom designs as well.


Geoff Hill, PHD 


Geoff completed his PhD on waterless human waste management in 2013.  He has been inside dozens of waterless toilets throughout the world and knows intimately what makes a toilet work well (urine diversion) and what makes a toilet smell and fail (urine mixed with fecal matter).