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Superior Human Waste Management
For Home, Park, Camp, & Trail

Toilet Tech's innovative designs offer a practical, affordable, low-maintenance solution to backcountry waste management.  Our toilet systems mimic waste management in the natural world, improving effectiveness and longevity over traditional pit toilets which are difficult to permit and expensive to maintain. Check out our Products pages to explore the systems we offer, and join the Toilet Tech revolution by requesting a quote today!


Our toilets use a Behind the Wall (BTW) urine diversion technology. This is the critical component as it separates urine from solid waste at the source with no mixing.  Urine is treated in an onsite drainfield.  Solid waste is decomposed onsite by native bugs (Decompose) or stored in easily removed bags for infrequent and easy removal (Waste Away).  Check out our Products pages for more information on the systems we offer!





TTS Urine Diversion Seats in Use
Countries with 
TTS toilets
States & Provinces
with TTS toilets
TTS Toilet Users per year

Location: Smith Rock State Park, OR

Toilet Type: Urine Diverting Decompose

Usage: 50-200+ per day, year-round

Video: Smith Rock State Park

Description: One of the first Behind the Wall urine diverting decompose toilets in the US. Since replacing the Phoenix blue box, this TTS system has generated zero pounds of waste over the last five years. The original Phoenix generated 30,000 - 40,000 pounds of hazardous waste for disposal in the same period. 

We take particular pride in our long list of repeat clients and the kind things they say about the quality of our work and our dedication to their success.

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